Think globally, act locally!

Often heard, and still true: People buy from people they trust. Being close to your customer is imperative to build credibility and success in any culture. No matter what your business is, Sales-as-a-Service will help you speed it up!

Starting up?

Start with your virtual office today and show your clients you are here. Jumpstart to credibility in your new market. Your search for Sales-as-a-Service companies is ending here.

Gaining traction!

Success breeds success: increase your market engagement and broaden your customer base step by step. Make your sales recurring and scalable. Register your subsidiary / legal entity when the time is right. Choose the plan that´s right for you.


Challenger Sale? Miller Heiman? Value based selling? We´re here to adapt to local needs and language and support your sales strategy with in-country tactics and full SaaS Sales Outsourcing. We also integrate with the CRM of your choice for realtime visibility and a seamless process from lead to sale.


Participating with your Marketing team to teach the Growth Hacking methodology and mindset. Implementing disruptive strategies for being visible to the personas you wish to.

Data driven result of growth and sales that will transform your business.

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Harvard research says:

Prospects buy more often from the First sales person encountered!

Stop experimenting

Contact us for help if you need answers to one of the following questions about Sales-as-a-Service:

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How can I generate leads?

Who can manage the local pipeline and close the sale?

How can I localize my content and collateral?

Who can help creating new ideas for sales?

Which go-to-market strategy shall I chose?

What is the best distribution model?

Who can help with channel management?

Where do I find local marketing & PR assistance?


By Lina A. Mintus

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